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Pantone GP5101C CMYK (Coated & Uncoated)

$1,615.0 $1,580.0

    Product Code GP5101C
    Weight 1.000Kg

  • 2,868 CMYK process colors (1,879 coated unique colors and 1,653 uncoated unique colors)

Pantone’s refreshed CMYK Guide contains a whopping 2,868 CMYK colors, chromatically arranged for more intuitive color browsing and selection. Colors are marked to identify which colors have a PMS Formula Guide equivalent colors.

  • Includes set of two guides, coated and uncoated
  • Includes CMYK tint values in G7 calibrated CRPC spaces, which means tints will closely match color appearance when proofed or printed under G7 press reference conditions
  • No need to run spot colors on press to specified CMYK Guide colors
  • Comes with color index and lighting evaluation tool
  • Printed using bio-friendly, ISO-certified inks