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Pantone GP1601B-SUPL FORMULA GUIDE SUPPLEMENT (Coated & Uncoated)


    Product Code GP1601B-SUPL
    Weight 0.200Kg

  • [For GP1601A upgrade!] 224 brand-new, market-driven Pantone Colors

  • Compact, handheld fan deck featuring just the 224 newest colors
  • Printed on both coated and uncoated paper
  • Coated colors are arranged in the front of the guide, followed by uncoated colors
  • Printed on the commonly used paper stock weights: 100 lb (148 gsm) coated and 80 lb (118 gsm) uncoated
  • New eco-friendly ink formulation allows for coating Pantone Colors during print production to protect prints and for packaging applications
  • Supplement also includes 2 new base ink colors used in the formulation of the new 224 Pantone Colors