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Product Code FHIC300
Weight 2.500Kg

  • 2,310 colors, including 210 new market-driven colors in the system

The popular desktop color reference for textile, fashion, home and interior designers, the Cotton Planner features all 2,310 Fashion, Home and Interior System market-driven colors in cotton fabric in one handy and compact volume for office use.

  • One-volume, three-ring binder desktop reference
  • Thirty-five 0.6” x 0.6” cotton chips per page affixed to non-optically brightened paper
  • The small foot print of the single binder is suitable for team & for small office use
  • The white space surrounding each color allows for an unobstructed visual evaluation
  • All Pantone cotton colors formulated for achievability and fastness
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with index in the back providing numeric location for each color
  • Each color refers to a corresponding Swatch Card, the standard for color accuracy
  • Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products
  • Use for color inspiration, specification and spot checking color at the lab or office